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Antwort: mastermind can't start up !

Difficult to say. I guess it is a hardware defect. Plugin a screen maybe you can see something in the BIOS.



Von:        "madcc [via asctec-users]" <[hidden email]>
An:        "georg.leugner" <[hidden email]>
Datum:        24.10.2014 13:06
Betreff:        mastermind can't start up !

hi all
because of some reasons,the pelican with mastermind falls off straightly from about 3 meter. then when I plug power into mastermind ,and press the start up button, the LCD turns green,display some string like "mastermind ..." "booting system",but suddenly LCD turns blue,and show "power off", and shut down.
I tried several times,still can't startup.
can you help me ? what I can do?
thank you !

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Re: Antwort: mastermind can't start up !

I pulgin a screen ,but nothing display! the LCD turn blue just after showing "Booting System"...
please! I am in despair...