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Steven Bellens
2011/2/15 Bill Morris [via asctec-users]
<[hidden email]>:

> On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 10:48 -0800, Steven Bellens [via asctec-users]
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been experimenting with this Atom expansion board some time ago,
>> but never really got to the point of connecting it to the helicopter.
>> Digging in my e-mail archive, I found some e-mail of Stefan
>> explaining
>> me how to do so:
>> "If you like to use the Atom board in between I recommend to use the
>> serial cable between IMU and Atom board to link these two and to use
>> the Wi-Fi to interact with the ground station."
>> Apologies to you, Stefan, for not following this up, as I had other
>> priorities at that time. By now, I think this mailing list is more
>> appropriate, hence my question here:
>> How do I connect this board to the Pelican helicopter and read out
>> the
>> data structs?
>> I already have a wi-fi connection set-up for communication with the
>> ground station.
>> I found this little wire in the Pelican box going from mini-usb to
>> some small grey connection (I'm not familiar with that type) which
>> seems to plug in one of the helicopter main boards plugs. Is this the
>> one I need to use? If so, than how do I access the data structs? If
>> not, what else is available? :)
> You need to connect the serial port on the atom board to replace the
> XBee connection.
> If you look at the carrier board manual on page #4 you will see where
> the serial ports on the Atom board are located.

I have those located, but the serial port widths of the atom board are
much wider then the serial cable connector (I'm using the one which
was connected to the Xbee module here). The serial cable has 6
outputs, whereas the ones on the atom board have 10 pins ...


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