Replacement blades for Firefly

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Replacement blades for Firefly

ivan Mondragon
Dear all

I'd like to know it there is a generic replacement for Asctec Firefly blades.  

Currently we only have the option to purchase spare blade to Asctec, but the current price is too high (35 Euro - a set of two blades). In addition we have to pay currier mail (DHL) from Germany to South America. So the price of the blade is too high.

I'd like to get good or similar replacements for the Firefly blade, that also we can purchase online.

Thanks for the help
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Re: Replacement blades for Firefly

Hi Ivan,

actually you will not find any other propellers with a comparable efficiency. Our AscTec propellers are specially designed to work with our custom motors at the highest possible efficiency.

Currently, we have two types of propellers:
- AscTec, 29€ (1x left-turning, 1x right-turning)
- flexible, 9€ (1x left-turning, 1x right-turning)

The Firefly can also use the flexible ones, but we only recommend that if your Firefly has no payload.

Alternatively to DHL, we can also offer a delivery with an air cushion envelope, which costs only 10€ to most countries in the world. It is not our standard delivery method because the package is not insured and the delivery can take up to two weeks.

Andre Ryll
AscTec Application Engineer