[asctec_mav_framework] Override RC flight mode and stick position

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[asctec_mav_framework] Override RC flight mode and stick position


as described in the tutorial, there are two requirements to the stick/switch positions in order to fly through waypoints using the asctec_mav_framework:

  • Flight mode switch "gps".
  • Sticks at center position.

We were wondering if it would be possible to modify the asctec_mav_framework to accept waypoints regardless the RC current stick/switch configuration, i.e. assume it is always centered and in GPS position.

Skimming over the code, we didn't see any reference to this condition, so we suppose it is buried inside the ssdk.a.

The only thing that comes to our mind is to modify the loop that reads LL RC data to add our own logic.

Any ideas?