ccny-ros-pkg asctec update: nodelet support

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ccny-ros-pkg asctec update: nodelet support


I just updated the ccny-ros-pkg repo with nodelet suport for
asctec_autopilot and asctec_proc. Both packages now have a *_node and
*_nodelet driver.

Also, as per recent discussions on the ROS maling list, I have changed
the default namespaces of the subscribed/published topics (no longer
in private namespaces). Raw data is published in the "asctec_raw"
namespace, and processed data in the "asctec_proc". This will likely
break your current launch files, so I'm giving you a heads up. You can
look in pelican_launch/launch/pelican/autopilot.launch and
pelican_launch/launch/pelican/autopilot_nodelets.launch to see how to
launch the node/nodelet drivers.

I will document the changes on the wiki soon.

I have tested the changes on my Pelican (reading data only). I have to
yet tested control_input data.

Let me know how things work out.